What is Counselling?

Counselling is a therapeutic relationship that involves a therapist who is trained to collaboratively work with the client to identify and address concerns that affects their life. This relationship is more than a friendship because a therapist facilitates changes from within the client, guiding each person to their own conclusions without interfering with the personal process.

Short-Term Counselling

Short-term counselling is termed as such because the main goal is to resolve a specific concern. This concern typically is triggered by an event or a sudden awareness of something not “fitting” in life. Typically it is 4-6 sessions but can be shorter or longer depending on how fast the client wishes to go. This type of counselling is more solution focused where the work revolves around action planning, goal setting, and how to get from points A to B. This model is typically seen used to support recovery from acute trauma.

Long-Term Counselling

Long-term or “depth” counselling is focused on healing and recovery. The concern is usually triggered or exposed by another event or incident that causes the client to re-evaluate their life. Typically there are no definite session count and can go as long as the client feels necessary. These concerns may include childhood experiences, traumas, and/or unprocessed information that has become an obstacle to achieving new heights in life.

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