Perspectives on Counselling, Therapy, and Philosophy…

Philosophy, Therapeutic Approaches, Counselling Often counsellors get asked if we believe that everyone needs counselling. I believe that everyone could benefit from counselling but not necessarily “need” counselling.

In my perspective, the role of the counsellor, therapist, is a “guide” for the client to go on a journey of self-exploration. However, not all guides are a suitable match. The suitable guide would be someone who could join the client on this explorative journey and help bring awareness, understanding, and direction to their life. Another perspective is that the therapist is the passenger of a moving car and the client is the driver taking both persons on the journey. The therapist would point out things they passed by that might be worth paying attention to and the client will respond accordingly. Because the client is the driver, we can stop and go anywhere the client wants, we can turn and backtrack and the therapist, counsellor, will be a part of this trip until the client feel they can drive off without the therapist any longer.

I believe each human being has the capacity to find their way through life; however, not everyone has the awareness to see the obstacles that are in their way. Some fall prey to the “should” and “should nots” of others, distracting them from how they wish to be, could be. Others are stuck circling through their labyrinth of choices, encountering many dead ends, or anxious about the next steps. From my experience, those that seek counselling are those that sense something is missing from their life… something that is preventing them from living in a fulfilled way and thus now seeks answers and resolutions. Human beings thrive on creation and discovery – therapy and counselling allow people to fully create themselves and discover parts of them that either was buried or waiting for an opportunity to blossom.

It is my belief that everyone has the power and ability to heal and achieve greatness without any intervention. However, for many people this greatness is covered by negative influences of life and healing slowed because there is always something in the way. I hope that by our encounter, we can rediscover the natural human capacities to heal, to live, and to be.

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