Psycho-educational Presentations

These are workshop/seminar like presentations where information is provided to a group in general about how mental health affects overall well-being. Some example topics include Burnout, Vicarious Trauma, Behaviour in Children and Parenting, and Psychological First Aid.

If you feel your group would benefit from a presentation please contact me and we can explore what your needs might be and how we can create a presentation that fits.


Every human being (as long as you’re alive) will and does have reactions to events that happens everyday. Events with the largest impact are those that were unexpected and overwhelming. Trauma is subjective and is defined by the person who experienced an incident/event that was unexpected and intense for them. When we experience something like that our body and mind typically start to recover and things “return to normal”. However, some events are so shocking to the body and mind that we become stuck. To help us process the incident and recover sooner we may have a debriefing or chance to learn tools to manage the normal reactions to the abnormal event.

Debriefings and Diffusings typically occur after an incident that has left people “shaken-up”. This group process is not counselling or therapy but rather a normalization and understanding of what is going on and allows the brain and body to piece together the event so it makes sense. Typically this is a group process but could be done individually as well.

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