Health and Mental Health Resources in your Community

Besides therapy and counselling, each of us can take our health in our own hands. This list of health and mental health resources is not exhaustive thus you can find more if you search the internet. These are the ones that I feel is more credible in the information they share. To maintain mental health we have to look at all areas of life: individual health, family relations, romantic relations, career, and social interactions. Along with those categories we also look at socioeconomical factors that apply stressors and pressures which will cause further struggles in mental health. Hopefully this list will provide some education while you decide if you wish to have therapy.

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⇩   General Mental Health Resources

⇩   General Physical Health Resources

⇩   Resources for Children/Youth/Teens

⇩   Abuse and Torture

⇩   Addictions – Drugs and Poly Substances

⇩   Addictions – Alcohol

⇩   Addictions – Behaviour – Gambling

⇩   Addictions – Behaviour – Sexual

⇩   Anxiety, Fear, Panic, OCD

⇩   Brain Injuries

⇩   Cancer Resources

⇩   Career and Employment Tools

⇩   Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

⇩   Grief and Loss

⇩   Learning/Developmental Disabilities

⇩   L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ Community Resources

⇩   Meditation/Relaxation Tools

⇩   Mood Disorders

⇩   Pain and Pain Management

⇩   Parenting

⇩   Separation and Divorce

⇩   Sex and Sexuality

⇩   Stress and Stress Management

⇩   Suicide

⇩   Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress

⇩   Workplace Issues

⇩   Women’s Health